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Oracle Cloud? I don’t get it… and I have a lot of questions

Looking at the outcome of Oracle Open World, it would seem AWS is public enemy number 1 for Oracle. And yes, I understand we all have to think big and my father, a long time merchant, has always told me “you can always lower [the price tag]”… but, sometimes, keeping your feet on the ground helps to face the situation more realistically. Lack of innovation The biggest difference between Oracle and AWS today is not about the cost of the single VM instance, or the features of the single DB. AWS has an entire ecosystem full of innovative services...

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Quick note: Microsoft SQL on Linux is about giving you options

I’m only the last one commenting on what I consider the news of the week: Microsoft SQL for Linux. It’s huge news indeed, and it is perfectly aligned with the new Microsoft. Windows Operating System, both the client and the Server (and Mobile if it would count), are no longer the core business for Microsoft, the Cloud is! And this is why their strategy is all about giving you as many options as possible to consume their cloud services (Azure and Office 365). Just to make it clear, Linux counts for 25% of Azure instances and Linux is relevant,...

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