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Let’s Meet Up at AWS Re:Invent

I know it’s a bit early; two months before the event, you might wonder why I’m already writing about it. I consider Re:Invent the most important event of the year, not just for cloud computing but for IT in general. Amazon is expecting 45,000 people, who will be dispersed across six different hotels, and with a massive expo area. I felt that if I didn’t organize things, I wouldn’t be able to meet with everyone I want to see. I really wanted to be there, at least to see what is happening across the industry, to spot new trends,...

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The S3 outage showed how relevant object storage is

How important is object storage? Too important to fail! A few days ago, a problem with AWS S3 caused major issues over the entire internet. We could say that it shouldn’t happen… but, you know, it does. And, in this particular case, even the “design for failure” approach to application design wasn’t enough… because most applications have always taken S3 as being infallible (and that particular AWS region hosts some critical services for Amazon). Clouds bring rain To be fair, it’s not only storage that fails. In the last two/three years, thanks also to the growing relevance of cloud...

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VMWare on AWS is really cool!!! (or not?) #VMWonAWS

Yesterday, just a few days before VMWorld, VMWare announced VMWare on AWS partnership. I struggled a bit to understand what it was and how it worked, but if I’m right… this is another attempt from VMware to be more relevant in the cloud and, at the same time, it looks like another major validation for AWS. VMware wants to be cloudier Long story short, VMware is not perceived as a cloud player, so by associating their name with AWS they want to change that. Technically speaking they did a great job by bringing all the ESXi-based products and management...

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Oracle Cloud? I don’t get it… and I have a lot of questions

Looking at the outcome of Oracle Open World, it would seem AWS is public enemy number 1 for Oracle. And yes, I understand we all have to think big and my father, a long time merchant, has always told me “you can always lower [the price tag]”… but, sometimes, keeping your feet on the ground helps to face the situation more realistically. Lack of innovation The biggest difference between Oracle and AWS today is not about the cost of the single VM instance, or the features of the single DB. AWS has an entire ecosystem full of innovative services...

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Pets? Cattle? They look a little bit similar now

I think Amazon has finally released what can be considered one of the most interesting enhancements to its cloud in the last few years. Not a price cut, not the next Uber-super feature for the DevOps, but a basic functionality which has been available in on-premeises virtual infrastructures for many years now: VM high availability! After the long debate about “Pets and cattle”, now your cattle look more like pets… and this will allow to migrate legacy apps to the public cloud more quickly and smoothly than before. About Auto Recovery for EC2 The AWS official blog describes it...

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