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Serverless-enabled storage? It’s a big deal

The success of services like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions or Google Cloud Functions is indisputable. It’s not for all use cases, of course, but the technology is intriguing, easy to implement and developers (and sysadmins!) can leverage it to offload some tasks to the infrastructure and automate a lot of operations that, otherwise, would be necessary to do at the application level, with a lower level of efficiency. The code ( a Function) is triggered by events and object storage is perfect for this. Why object storage Object storage is usually implemented with a shared-nothing scale-out cluster design. Each...

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More than object storage (W/ Laurent Denel, CEO of OpenIO)

In this episode I’m with Laurent Denel (CEO and co-founder, OpenIO) and we talk about his company and the technology behind their product. – Architecture of OpeIO – Grid for Apps (a way to run code directly into the storage system) – Customers and use cases Enjoy the show! [Disclaimer: OpenIO is a client of Juku consulting and I recently wrote a paper for them.] If you are interested in these topics, I’ll be presenting at next TECHunplugged conference in Chicago on 27/10/16. A one day event focused on cloud computing and IT infrastructure with an innovative formula combines...

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