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Differentiation comes from the ability to listen and react

The storage industry and IT as a whole are experiencing an interesting transformation and, as is happening in many other fields, everything is accelerating and it’s becoming very difficult to ride the wave for a long time.   Last week I had a conversation with Andy Warfield (Coho Data‘s CTO). Most of our chats are about IT infrastructure but sometimes we veer onto other (more philosophical?!) aspects of IT management and how he and his team are facing some interesting challenges. This time around I jotted down a few ideas for a post and I ended up thinking a lot about all...

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Memory-based storage? Yes, please!

And I’m not talking about Flash memory here! Well, not in the way we usually intend flash at least. I wrote about that a long time ago: in-memory storage makes sense. Not only does it make sense now but it’s becoming a necessity. The number of applications taking advantage of large memory capacity is growing like crazy, especially in the Big Data analytics, HPC and in all those cases where you need large amounts of data as close as possible to the CPU. Yes, memory. But not for everyone We could argue that any application can benefit by a...

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Video: Avere Systems’ CEO, Ron Bianchini

On my last trip in US I met Ronald Bianchini (CEO of Avere Systems). Avere produces a line of NAS Accelerators aimed to optimize and speed up access to Enterprise NAS systems. The last version of the product added some interesting new features as well as the ability to act as an edge NAS. Enjoy the video! Disclaimer: I was invited at this meeting by Condor Consulting Group and they paid for travel and accommodation, I have not been compensated for my time and am not obliged to blog. Furthermore, the content is not reviewed, approved or published by...

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On the road again: Big Data, Storage and Cloud!

It’s not a long time since I was in the US for a conference, and soon I’ll have the opportunity to meet many companies down in the Silicon Valley once again. Some of them are already well known on this blog, others are newcomers, but the great news is that I will collect a lot of useful informations during every meeting and will share them on the blog. The list is longer than usual and all the companies mentioned are developing solutions focused on the hottest topics of the industry: SSD storage, Big Data and Cloud! Avere Systems: NAS...

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