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More ARM CPUs in the Datacenter for 2017?

AI, Containers, cloud computing, large storage infrastructures, IoT, HPC… and probably more. And to serve all of this, large Service Providers and Enterprises are building huge datacenters where everything is designed to maximize efficiency. The work covers all the aspects around the data center facility, power and cooling, security and compute power density as well. A lot has been done but there is more that has been asked. Failed attempts to do more (with less) In the past many vendors tried to get more work done taking approaches that failed miserably. Do you remember Sun Sparc T1 processors for...

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Object storage is cool, isn’t it?

Looks like object storage is still in the spotlight. yesterday, Chris Mellor published this article and a few days ago I had a very interesting chat with Paul Carpentier (Caringo‘s CTO) about his company, object storage in general and the evolution that it could have in the future. Around the corner Chris has mentioned some rumors about potential cloud service offers from eValut and others (I’ve been hearing similar rumours for quite some time actually). For these offers, to be competitive with Amazon Glacier, they would be based on disks instead of tapes giving the end users the ability...

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