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Flash is targeting Disks… and Disks will target tapes

Last month I took a couple of trips to US to attend two different events and I recorded some interesting news. 1) HP, During its Discover, launched a new SSD Array and a new StoreOnce VSA. They also launched a hardware tape library capable of 560 slots at its maximum configuration (it means 3.5 PBs with LTO6). In that occasion, I also had the chance to talk to some WD representatives about some products that they are working on (slower but more durable hard drives!). 2) On the second trip I met Pure Storage, a 100% flash array entrant...

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Interview with Giancarlo Gaggero, President of Data Strategies Int’l Inc.

As I reported last week, I had the pleasure to know Giancarlo Gaggero and his Data Strategies International. As Giancarlo stated, DSI deals in “offline data migration”, they offer effective solutions to a more and more widespread problem: converting huge data sets from legacy media and formats into any up to date media/format the customer might need. I managed to record the meeting, and I’m glad to share it here, since the results this little company achieve doing their job, are really striking. Enjoy! Interview with Giancarlo Gaggero, President of Data Strategies Int’l, Inc. from Juku on...

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