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Infrastructure Monitoring Vs. Cloud Monitoring

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet up, in short order, with VMTurbo, SolarWinds (at TFD10) and Cirba’s CEO Andrew Hillier. In one way or the other they are all working on providing monitoring tools for public cloud services in addition to what they usually do (infrastructure monitoring, automation and analytics). Albeit, cloud monitoring could be considered a natural extension for these kinds of products, I don’t think they’re going about it the right way, especially for services like AWS. Don’t get me wrong, chances are it might merely be a maturity problem, and I’m sure...

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We are entering the Data-aware infrastructure era

Last week, during SFD8, I got to meet with two incredibly interesting storage startups: Cohesity and Coho Data. They do different jobs, since they target two different markets (primary and secondary storage) but both have developed one of the most compelling features you can find today on the market… And I’m sure they’ll be followed by others. More than storing data I usually describe modern storage systems with the slide you can find here on the right. Differentiation and value comes from analytics while data services are table stake. Everyone has data services. Now, after these two presentations I’Il...

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Analytics, the key to (storage) happiness

What are you looking for in a new storage system? Performance, capacity, efficiency, data services? Well, from my point of view you should be looking for analytics first! The right Analytics tool can easily save you money, time and make your job easier. Jack of all trades, master of the infrastructure It’s not only about storage, no matter what your job when it comes to IT infrastructures, nowadays you’ll likely need some sort of analytics to help you manage more and better. There are many reasons why: – Most SysAdmins are Jacks of all trades now, and they need...

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Flash, Trash and data-driven infrastructures!

I’ve been talking about two-tier storage infrastructures for a while now. End users are targeting this kind of approach to cope with capacity growth and performance needs. The basic idea is to leverage Flash memory characteristics (All-flash, Hybrid, hyperconvergence) on one side and implement huge storage repositories, where they can safely store all the rest (including pure Trash) at the lowest possible cost, on the other. The latter is lately also referred to as a data lake. We are finally getting there but there is something more to consider. And it’s about the characteristics of these storage systems. In...

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HDS? Definitely a data company!

You know, HDS is the acronym for Hitachi Data Systems. The company, thanks to Jack Domme’s leadership, has been changing very quickly and drastically and it can no longer be considered a storage company, now it looks much like a modern 360° Data company, and “Data Systems” in its name means even more now. I already talked about this change last year after their event but it’s much more evident and clear now. Storage is still at the core Don’t get me wrong, Hardware (and storage in particular) is still 46% of HDS business but the rest (54%!) is...

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