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Quick note: Is Hyperconvergence the next step for Pure?

I’m still thinking about Falshblade… announced yesterday, here at Pure Storage //Accelerate event. Take this with a grain of salt but, looking at the blade, it’s interesting to note that it’s still a Linux based x86 server (standard intel CPU and RAM). Put another CPU and some more RAM in the blade and you’ll have a great, Flash optimized, Hyper-converged system with an amazingly fast network interconnection. Which also means 0 bottlenecks! I don’t think about it as a general purpose HCI, like Nutanix or Simplivity. I’m thinking more at it as a much more specialized system, running containers...

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Nimble Storage All-Flash, late but right

Nimble has finally launched its new All Flash Array: Predictive Flash Array. It took too long but, now that it’s out, it can’t be said they didn’t get it right! All-Flash, finally All-Flash is table stake now. Don’t have it? …well then, you can’t play! That’s the real problem. All-Flash still counts for a relatively small percentage of overall primary storage sales but, again, it is an option that customers want to have in every new project. It is true that prices are continuing to fall, and somewhere down the line your next primary storage system could most likely...

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The solidity of SolidFire

I’m on my way home after a couple of days spent in Boulder (CO) with the SolidFire team for their annual meeting with analysts. My opinion about their product and technology were already clear but, this week, I had the chance to talk with various customers and executives and now I have an even clearer view about this company and its potential. Solid customers I’m going to start with the customers because I think it was one of the most important moments of the meeting. In fact, SolidFire’s customers (mostly big ISPs, *aaS providers and large enterprises) have chosen...

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