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Pure storage Flashblade… just WOW!

Finding headings for blog posts is the worst part of my job, and I’m really bad at it, but this time I think I found something that clearly expresses my excitement. Today Pure is announcing a new product called Flashblade. And it’s definitely a bold one, a new All-Flash storage system which is targeted to unstructured data workloads. Today Pure is announcing a new product called Flashblade. And it’s definitely a bold one, a new All-Flash storage system which is targeted to unstructured data workloads: highly scalable, for files and objects, aimed at serving less latency-sensitive workloads, but still...

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Are you going All-Flash? Nah, the future is hybrid

But it will be an All-Flash Hybrid. And, you know this can’t be considered a prediction. It’s just a fact. If you look around, a large part of the vendors are craving for Intel’s 3D Xpoint memory and this will be the next tier 0 (or cache) for many newly designed storage arrays. 3D Xpoint in short Intel 3D Xpoint is a new class of memory which sits in the middle between RAM and Flash. It’s persistent (like Flash), fast (not like RAM, but much faster than Flash), dense (again, not like Flash, but more than RAM) and durable...

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Do we need specialized design for Flash storage?

The short answer is No… Well, at least not in 99% of the cases. Last week at #TFDX, during VMworld, I met Violin Memory. A company which was a pioneer in Flash storage, but is now struggling because it has lost some of its credibility due to the lack of a decent feature set (I’m referring to data services, integration with hypervisors and OSes and so on). They are catching up on features (with the Concerto 7000 family)… But, by looking at their revenues… they’re still in dire straights. Perhaps, this is more of a marketing problem than a...

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All-Flash is a synonym of tough market

Last week NetApp launched a new line of All-Flash Arrays called AFF. It’s based on a specialized version of ONTAP, which has added peculiar optimizations to read/write data paths. It’s not the notorious FlashRay yet, but it’s not that bad and it has something to say… especially if you are already a NetApp customer. New entrants do it better… There is no doubt we are not talking about the top notch implementation for a Flash Array. Startups like Pure, Solidfire, Kaminario and others designed their product from the ground up just a few years ago. They started from scratch...

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Juku.beats: Shachar Fienblit (CTO at Kaminario) talks about his company and product

This podcast is sponsored by: In this episode I’m with Shachar Fienblit (CTO at Kaminario) and we talk about: – The company – K2 scale-out + scale-up architecture – Kaminario adopting next generation NAND chips (3D NAND, TLC) for its arrays. Full transcript of the episode Enrico:            Hello, everyone. Welcome to a new episode of Juku.beats Today, I’m with Shachar Fienblit, CTO of Kaminario. Hi, Shachar. How are you? Shachar:         I’m very good. Thank you. Enrico:            For who doesn’t know who you are, the first question is about the company and you. If you can introduce yourself and the company,...

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