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3PAR: $2/GB doesn’t tell the whole story

I’m sitting in the HP Discover blogger lounge trying to focus on what I’ve learned in the last two days, but my Jet lag isn’t helping much. In any case, the most interesting announcement of the week is the one that came from HP 3PAR (from the storage POV, at least). The story In a single word: deduplication. The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 Arrays, by means of a software upgrade, can now enable deduplication and thanks to the ASIC, with no visible performance impact. The feature will be released later on other arrays of the family (and hopefully for...

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HP Discover: No news, good news!

I’m seating here in the airport lounge waiting for my flight back home and trying to reorganize my thoughts about this last HP Discover. Well… no news: no bombastic announcements here although there are many interesting developments to mull over. I’ll pass on commenting about “converged systems” (I do not like primary vendors’ approach in this field) but, if you are interested, you can follow the link and find a very good deep dive article from Chris Wahl. 3PAR The 7450 model, a product which I’ve already talked about, has received an important firmware upgrade and it’s now able...

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QoS, the next feature you’ll be asking for

At the last Storage Field Day, two topics were discussed at almost every session: scale-out and QoS (Quality of Service). Ok about scale-out, we’ve been talking about its benefits, pros and cons for quite some time… but why is QoS so important? And why should you care about it? Scale-out is today Scale-out is something that is happening right now and you can find many scale-out solutions out there. Looking at the SFD4 event alone, I can mention Coho data, GridStore, Nimble Storage, Cleversafe, Avere systems, CloudByte and Overland. All of them have a scale-out storage, different implementations, different...

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Primary vendors’ flash storage at glance

Now that the dust has settled after last week’s announcement from EMC, we can have a look at what the market is offering for 100% flash storage from primary vendors. The approaches differ a lot from one to the other, and some are still struggling with reshuffled products that can hardly be compared with others… but, that said, I’m going to list (in strict alphabetical order) all the primary vendors and their solutions to give the reader a very brief idea of what is happening. Dell Dell’s flagship storage system is Compellent. The latest version of the controllers has...

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HP announces a Flashy 3PAR

Today, during the HP Discover event here in Las Vegas, HP announced a new member of the 3PAR family: the StoreServ 7450. As you can imagine, it’s not a completely new product but it is an evolution of the 7400, the biggest difference is that this one is a 100% flash array. Not just flash As you probably know, filling a traditional array up with SSDs is not a good idea: you get better performance but endurance of the SSDs and various bottlenecks can easily limit overall efficiency and reliability. Long story short, it is like having a F1...

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