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New HP 3PAR StorServ 20800 series is massive

I’m quite impressed by the latest 3PAR model: 4PB of raw flash and up to 3M IOPS for the 20850. (WOW!). I know that it will be beaten by the next model of another vendor (not that soon maybe) but it is impressive nonetheless. It’s more than just the 20800 In fact, HP keeps adding features and new functionalities to their entire product line-up on an on-going basis through software updates to the OS. An improved remote replication feature that looks like a semi-synchronous (or “best effort” sync) replication. Particularly useful for Flash environments where the bandwidth/latency isn’t enough...

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HP 3PAR, 360° storage

This is the first time in a while that I won’t be attending HP Discover. It’s a pity, not only because I have the chance to get updates directly from the horse’s mouth there, but also because it is always well frequented by good bloggers and other interesting people. At the event, HP usually organizes what they call “coffee talks” and you have the chance to get briefed and also have a lot of confrontation on each single line of their business (not that I’m really interested in everything they do, but Storage, Cloud and Enterprise IT in general...

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