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NetApp is no longer ONTAP-only, thanks (also) to Solidfire

dual-logoIn this episode I’m with Lee Caswell (VP product, solutions, services marketing at NetApp), and we talk about:

– Solidfire acquisition
– what NetApp channel thinks about Solidfire
– how Data Fabric vision will evolve

You probably already know, Solidfire is now part of NetApp. And, contrary to what NetApp did in the past, Solidfire won’t be integrated into ONTAP but will remain as a separate product. This changes the perception that we all had in the past about NetApp being a single product company!
This is why I have also asked about the channel and how the new product will be integrated with the rest of the ecosystem.

Enjoy the listen!

Disclaimer: NetApp is a client of Juku consulting and has been a sponsor of TECHunplugged conference.

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