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Thank you everybody for a great TECHunplugged!

I’m always worried the day before a TECHunplugged event. Dealing with all the details will kill me one of these days(!), and you never know what turn out to expect, whether the influencers will perform like rock stars or broken drums, whether or not the vendors understand the spirit of the event and, above all, whether the attendees will find the content valuable. Well, this time round everything was perfect!!! And I’m very satisfied with the outcome. More than 60 people attended the conference. End users were eager to be part of the conversation, talk about their experiences, share...

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An update on TECHunplugged Amsterdam (6/10)

In just a week TECHunplugged will take place in Amsterdam. Agenda is ready, influencers are readying their sessions and we are working on last details to repeat the success of last TECHunplugged editions! First of all, in case you missed it, TECHunplugged is a 1-day conference focused on the latest technology trends and how these technologies can be adopted by Real World IT. The format is very simple, with subject matter experts presenting what they see in the field followed by vendors bringing their point of view. The goal is to bring together end users, influencers and vendors for...

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Nutanix, beyond hyperconvergence

Here I am sitting at a bar at 4.50 a.m. (jet lag is my friend!) trying to connect all the dots and write something decent about what I saw yesterday at the Nutanix annual event .NEXT. About my backpack I didn’t know what to expect, Nutanix is not known for being courteous when it comes to marketing (especially not in the social media) and this is also why I’m following them from a certain distance. I get updates. I’ve been following their story since the beginning but at times they seem quite arrogant and not very friendly (especially when...

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TECHunplugged is back! October 2016: Amsterdam and Chicago

Yes, We are back! After the success in London we have decided that it’s time to repeat Amsterdam and why not?… come back to the U.S. in Chicago (IL). ICYMI, TECHunplugged is a tech conference A different type of conference but still, a tech conference. The idea is to bring together influencers, end users and selected vendors for a day of informative and educational sessions, round tables and a lot of networking. Not the classic conference format – in fact we want to keep it small by limiting the number of seats, to provide the best possible interaction amongst...

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Infrastructure Monitoring Vs. Cloud Monitoring

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet up, in short order, with VMTurbo, SolarWinds (at TFD10) and Cirba’s CEO Andrew Hillier. In one way or the other they are all working on providing monitoring tools for public cloud services in addition to what they usually do (infrastructure monitoring, automation and analytics). Albeit, cloud monitoring could be considered a natural extension for these kinds of products, I don’t think they’re going about it the right way, especially for services like AWS. Don’t get me wrong, chances are it might merely be a maturity problem, and I’m sure...

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