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Podcasting Is The New Blogging, Introducing Data Driven Talk!

Yes, true, I’m not blogging anymore. But, you know, podcasting is the new blogging! This is why I launched a new podcast, Data Driven Talk. A new weekly show on which I’m joined by industry experts, vendors and end users to talk about data and data storage in all its aspects while discovering new products and technology, commenting on news and analysing market trends. You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, directly from the web or the RSS feed. Give it a listen (and write a nice 5 star review on iTunes as well! 😉 ). All comments and...

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It’s Time for Another Rollercoaster Ride

When I joined OpenIO in January of this year, I did so because I trusted the team and the technology. But, to be fair, it was a leap of faith. Even though the technology and team were both mature and robust, OpenIO, as a company, was still young. It had lots of ideas and enthusiasm, but also with a market fit that still hasn’t shown its real potential.   These past ten months have been like working on a rollercoaster. Exciting, scary, exhilarating, with impressive accelerations and, sometimes, sudden stops. But what I have enjoyed the most was the...

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40TB Hard Drive in 2025? Too Much, Too Late

After their recently launched technology, WD claims it will be able to bring a 40TB drive to the market by 2025. I went through their announcement and a few articles pertaining to it, but it’s still unclear to me if these drives will be able to handle a higher number of IOPS or throughput compared to today’s standards (2025 is indeed a long time to wait). Anyways, such a drive would become a massive failure domain, with recovery times that could become unsustainable. Even if it’s somewhat faster than tape, the IOPS/GB is not impressive. Tapes on the rise...

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Let’s Meet Up at AWS Re:Invent

I know it’s a bit early; two months before the event, you might wonder why I’m already writing about it. I consider Re:Invent the most important event of the year, not just for cloud computing but for IT in general. Amazon is expecting 45,000 people, who will be dispersed across six different hotels, and with a massive expo area. I felt that if I didn’t organize things, I wouldn’t be able to meet with everyone I want to see. I really wanted to be there, at least to see what is happening across the industry, to spot new trends,...

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The storage industry needs Linux-based Hard Drives

It could sound weird, but I think this is the best way to make the Hard Disk great again! At the end of last year, my company launched a hardware appliance called SLS4U-96. It is built out of what we call nano-nodes (a small computer with a dual core ARM CPU, RAM, a small amount of flash and two 2.5Gb/s ports, all connected to a single high capacity hard drive). We borrowed the design from Marvell, which also provided us with the design of the 40gb/s switches for the back end connection. All these components fit in a standard...

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