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Should I go to VMworld this year?

Last February I started working for OpenIO (an Object storage startup) and a lot of things have changed in my working life. One of the most interesting differences is that I need to stay closer to my potential customers, hence I’ve been attending different industry events than the ones I used to in the past. In the last six months I haven’t attended a single-vendor show (some of them are actually organized by competitors and, in other cases, there is no reason because our products are thought up for different market segments) and I’ve also missed events reserved for...

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Siri sucks because of the lack of data

One of the many announcements at last Apple WWDC was around a home speaker that looks very similar to Amazon Echo or Google home. Shape apart, it’s been positioned as just a music speaker with limited AI functionalities. This has disappointed many people, but there is a reason for it… it’s all about data. Aratificial Intelligence and Machine Learning need data Google, Amazon and Microsoft are furiously competing to take the market lead on the next wave of compute. Google is buying AI startups like crazy and has great AI-based applications, Amazon has been developing an entire ecosystem around...

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Join us for #Storagebeers Amsterdam 5/10

The night before TECHunplugged we usually organize an informal meet-up to have the chance to talk with friends about IT, storage and whatever we like in front a of a good beer. Amsterdam is a great place for beer tasting and this year we have decided to stop at The “Gospel Spirits” (The venue looks gorgeous, and I’m sure the beer will be fantastic!). If you want to join us you are more than welcome, just send me a message on twitter or on any other social network so we can reserve the right number of tables… we will...

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Quick note: Brexit consequences for IT

Well, I’m not an economist and even less interested in politics. But UK exiting the EU is huge. I have several friends and acquaintances who have migrated to the UK in the last few years – more job opportunities, meritocracy and higher wages. This could all change very soon. But this is one aspect, the other one I’m thinking of is about the IT industry from both the UK and EU standpoints. Cloud computing The first problem I can see with Brexit is data locality. We already have this problem in Europe but now it’s even more present. The...

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Double feature in Austin with TECHunplugged and Tech Field Day

Here we go with 2016! And the year already looks promising. 2015 came to a close with some interesting news (like the Solidfire acquisition by NetApp and Nutanix filing for IPO), but it’s time to look ahead and what could be better than information and the latest updates directly from the horse’s mouth? In the first week of February, starting from the 2nd, two great and complementary events will be taking place in Austin: TECHunplugged and Tech Field Day 10. They are different in format, content and the way they can be attended… but both are definitely worth the...

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