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Undue fear of the cloud

From time to time I happen to participate in social network discussions among IT professionals about cloud computing. Lately, the main topic seems to never stay focussed on the cloud itself but on the aversion the operators (system integrators, VARs, resellers, etc.) have to this new approach to managing enterprise IT. Such fear is often due to considerations about cloud computing, specially public clouds, will more and more erode sales of companies that sell technology infrastructures with a consequent loss of jobs. I’ve also lately seen some players to openly oppose the phenomenon just finding it hardly credible, without stating any technical reasons, just considering cloud computing...

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The next unified storage

The last week of October I’ve been to Storage Networking World Europe, a SNIA event in Frankfurt. I attended a lot of presentations and met interesting people. I tried to collect opinions and ideas and now I write this post to share my point of view. Data explosion A lot of presentations and talks started from the same observed trend: data storage is exploding (not a great piece of news, indeed). Not structured but unstructured data is becoming the big pain for enterprises, we are seeing a huge growth of everything stored in our arrays and the IT managers are pretty...

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