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Video: Dante Malagrinò introduces Embrane

During my last Silicon Valley’s trip I met Dante Malagrinò, founder and CEO of Embrane. Embrane is developing a next generation networking architecture to provide services like firewalls, load balancers, VPNs for cloud infrastructure. I recorded a short interview with him about the company and its future product. Enjoy the...

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i365 per il cloud backup SMB

Lo scorso giugno ho incontrato il management di i365: un’azienda di Seagate (leader mondiale nella produzione di hard disk) specializzata in soluzioni e prodotti per il backup sul cloud proposti con il brand eVault. Il Cloud è adesso! Terry Cunnigham, presidente e General manager della società, è stato molto chiaro nella presentazione e ci ha spiegato quanto sono impegnati nella sostituzione di soluzione di backup tradizionali. In effetti, i numeri di i365 sono veramente buoni: più di 32000 clienti nel mondo, un’infrastruttura importante (dal 1997, 11 DC in nord America ed Europa, 45PB di dati gestiti) ed una nuova...

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A10 Networks and IPv6 Migrations

A10 Networks, one of the companies I visited last week, is a startup mostly dealing with application delivery solutions (usually referred as load balancers), with 300 employee and its headquarters in San Jose (CA). This company is helmed by its founder, one of the several living legends in Silicon Valley: Lee Chen (founder and CEO of Foundry and Centillion), I’ll soon share a quite long video with him I recorded during the meeting. The company Just a couple of facts witnessing the success of this company: ranks fourth fastest growing company in Silicon Valley (46th in USA), and reports...

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Cloud computing adoption curve

Last week I was strolling about Silicon Valley visiting several very interesting companies (I’ll surely write about them in the next days). The most interesting aspect of my journey was the chance to meet many people, among them some personalities in Silicon Valley, and to exchange ideas about their job, vision and point of view about cloud and IT generally speaking. I had the chance to meet Lane Bees (zScaler COO), he jotted down on a whiteboard the graph you can see below. This plot depicts the rate of adoption of cloud computing, versus the size of the company....

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A Silicon Valley tour

So, next week, once again, I’ll leave my country and travel to US for a week of meetings with a number companies in Silicon Valley. It will be some sort of “tour the force” but I’ll have the chance to talk with a lot of interesting people and hear about vision, strategies, ideas and products straight from the horse’s mouth! Many of these companies are startups and they still don’t have a full-fledged presence in Europe, while others are well known brands and it will be very interesting to know how their vision and business is evolving. Hereby you’ll find a complete list of...

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