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Serverless-enabled storage? It’s a big deal

The success of services like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions or Google Cloud Functions is indisputable. It’s not for all use cases, of course, but the technology is intriguing, easy to implement and developers (and sysadmins!) can leverage it to offload some tasks to the infrastructure and automate a lot of operations that, otherwise, would be necessary to do at the application level, with a lower level of efficiency. The code ( a Function) is triggered by events and object storage is perfect for this. Why object storage Object storage is usually implemented with a shared-nothing scale-out cluster design. Each...

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TECHunplugged Chicago was great, what’s up next?

Last week TECHunplugged Chicago registered another great success, and I’m very pleased about it. The sessions presented by influencers and vendors were amazingly good, and the open panels were extremely useful and interactive. Chicagoans loved it! But don’t trust my word, all the videos are online and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as we did! A special thanks goes to the vendors who helped us to make this event special for end users. Primary Data, Pure Storage and Veeam sponsored the event but it’s the value they brought with the quality of their speeches, always informative and...

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More ARM CPUs in the Datacenter for 2017?

AI, Containers, cloud computing, large storage infrastructures, IoT, HPC… and probably more. And to serve all of this, large Service Providers and Enterprises are building huge datacenters where everything is designed to maximize efficiency. The work covers all the aspects around the data center facility, power and cooling, security and compute power density as well. A lot has been done but there is more that has been asked. Failed attempts to do more (with less) In the past many vendors tried to get more work done taking approaches that failed miserably. Do you remember Sun Sparc T1 processors for...

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VMWare on AWS is really cool!!! (or not?) #VMWonAWS

Yesterday, just a few days before VMWorld, VMWare announced VMWare on AWS partnership. I struggled a bit to understand what it was and how it worked, but if I’m right… this is another attempt from VMware to be more relevant in the cloud and, at the same time, it looks like another major validation for AWS. VMware wants to be cloudier Long story short, VMware is not perceived as a cloud player, so by associating their name with AWS they want to change that. Technically speaking they did a great job by bringing all the ESXi-based products and management...

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Thank you everybody for a great TECHunplugged!

I’m always worried the day before a TECHunplugged event. Dealing with all the details will kill me one of these days(!), and you never know what turn out to expect, whether the influencers will perform like rock stars or broken drums, whether or not the vendors understand the spirit of the event and, above all, whether the attendees will find the content valuable. Well, this time round everything was perfect!!! And I’m very satisfied with the outcome. More than 60 people attended the conference. End users were eager to be part of the conversation, talk about their experiences, share...

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