Author: Fabio Rapposelli

HP Discover EMEA 2012: Data Galore!

I’m sitting here in the blogger lounge at HP Discover Europe trying to figure out how to summarize such an intense event in a comprehensive blog post, believe me, it’s no easy task. First things first, big kudos to HP and Ivy Worldwide, these guys surely know how to pull a great show, everything was just perfect, maybe the Messe wasn’t that easy to navigate around and Frankfurt isn’t the warmest place to be in December 🙂 (next year Barcelona!) but these downs never overshadowed the ups: great announcements, great HP people to speak with and awesome networking occasions....

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Scale’s HC3, Datacenter-in-a-box for the SMB/SME

Scale Computing just announced their new software upgrade to ICOS that brings server virtualization capabilities to their scale out storage. (yes, you read it right, it’ll be available to existing customers too). HC3 is based off Scale Computing‘s ICOS operating environment, the storage part is still built on the HPC-hardened GPFS while the new server virtualization component is made on KVM, keeping Linux as their OS choice. As you can already imagine, Scale Computing is a software play, the nodes are standard X86-64 systems that house four drives (SAS or SATA) a quad-core CPU and 32GB of RAM each....

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It’s VMworld time!

Just like every year, August marks the appointment with the most sought-after industry event of the year: VMworld! This will surely be one of the most exciting VMworlds since years, rumors say that there is going to be a huge product announcement, and recent acquisitions such as DynamicOps and (especially) Nicira will give the right ‘kick’ to the keynote and will keep the geek horde happily buzzing along 🙂 This year I will participate in a Tech Field Day roundtable discussion sponsored by Scale Computing, the guys at Scale will have a really cool product launch during VMworld so...

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Dell Storage Forum is truly a Storage Fest

The convergence theme here in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts is steaming hot! and Dell just announced what I believe is an interesting industry first: a full-fledged, 14 disk drives, dual controller Equallogic array that fits a double width blade slot. The new Equallogic PS-M4110 is a 10 Gbit workhorse available in several disk configurations including a particularly interesting hybrid configuration with 5 SSDs and 9 SAS drives that provides 7.2TB raw capacity in a way that seems to fit perfectly a VDI environment, the new converged story that Dell is pushing combines the trusty M1000e blade enclosure with the new...

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Dell Storage Forum in Boston next week

It’s that time of the year again, the storage part of the Dell family will happily gather to Boston for Dell Storage Forum where everybody is expecting new announcements and integration plans, especially now that the storage acquisition landscape seems to be quieter (at least for Dell’s standards 🙂 ). It also looks like I’ll have the chance to tour the Equallogic facility in Nashua, NH, which is a short drive from Boston, a really exciting thing for a tech guy like me. It will be a great occasion to see many US friends again and meet new ones,...

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